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On this site you can find important historical information about the predecessors of the modern Swatch. Some important personalities involved in the creation of Swatch are presented, as well as detailed information about the general technical and aesthetic development of Swatch watches.

Already Abraham-Louis Breguet, watchmaker in Paris conceived a watch thought to be affordable by less fortunate people. His achievment was to reduce production and material costs to introduce what was called ‘montre souscription’ in the late 18th century.

About 100 Years later, in the 1860ies a German watchmaker named Georges Frederic Roskopf took over Breguet’s spirit and invented his version of the ‘proletarian’ watch, which he sold for 20ChF. Inspired by the dedication of Roskopf, the Breguet company helped him to promote his watches.

Again about 100 years later in the 1960ies, Tissot came up with the Astrolon project, where a maximum of the movement would be made out of newly developed plastic. Furthermore the mechanical watches tended to get smaller and thinner.

All of these achievements and the innovative spirit of over almost 300 years converged to one final product: SWATCH

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